Seth Dobrin

Seth Dobrin

Job Title: VP & Chief Data Officer, IBM Analytics

Company: IBM

Exponential Change Leader and Life-Long Learner with a proven track record of transforming businesses via data science, information technology, automation and molecular techniques. Highly skilled at leading thru influence across complex corporate organizations as demonstrated by having built, developed and executed corporate
wide strategies. Consistent theme throughout my career of of championing exponential change by combining existing technologies and data science to create industrial scale processes including innovative automation, IT systems and analysis pipelines to support these. Experienced leader of science, analytics and technical teams with and advanced understanding of NoSQL technologies and the appropriate application of these technologies to solve
problems at a massive scale. Desire for continuous learning, growth and development to keep my approaches, skills and leadership relevant. Strong leadership skills leading large, diverse and geographically dispersed teams.

Speaking at the following:

4.45pm - 5.30pm
Keynote Panel: Delivering on the Promise of Data & Analytics – Providing Real Value to your Organization and Demonstrating Return on Investment

How to prioritize offensive, value-driven strategies to deliver on innovation whilst ensuring defensive duties are discharged, featuring real-life uses of Client 360, Metadata Generation and Trust. Finding value when the low hanging fruit has all been eaten – where to turn for long term, sustainable results to out-compete your competitors. Communicating the impact of the… Read more.

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