Day One


After months of research and in-depth conversations with Chief Data Officers in the wake of the IBM Chief Data Officer Strategy Summit, Spring 2017, we are delighted to announce the release of the agenda for the IBM Chief Data Officer Strategy Summit, Fall 2017, taking place at the Boston Park Plaza, October 24-25. Please see below for our Day One agenda.

8.00am- 9.00am

Conference Registration & Networking

9.00am- 9.15am

IBM Welcome Address & Kick-Off

Caitlin (Halferty) Lepech
Client Engagement Executive, IBM Chief Data Office - IBM

9.15am- 10.15am

Keynote Presentation: The CDO Blueprint – Enabling the Cognitive Enterprise

Abstract coming soon…

Inderpal Bhandari
Global Chief Data Officer - IBM
James Kavanaugh
SVP, Transformation & Operations - IBM

10.15am- 11.00am

Keynote Panel: The Data Leader Journey – Building a Long Term Data Strategy

Following the launch of IBM’s CDO Blueprint, experienced CDOs & CAOs share their experiences of developing long term strategies for their data and analytics functions. What methods should be used to develop your strategic approach to data & analytics in the coming years? Responding to changes – remaining flexible and adapting to the needs, priorities… Read more.

Allison Sagraves
Chief Data Officer - M&T Bank

11.00am- 11.30am

Morning Coffee & Networking

Discussion Group Session 1

11.30am- 12.15pm

Discussion Group 1A: CEO, CIO, CMO, COO? Where Should CDOs and CAOs Report?

Top tips to secure the reporting line you desire from the start. Do different organizational priorities require different reporting structures, or is one preferable for a CDO? What impact does the wrong reporting line have? How can this be remedied?

Discussion Group 1B: Actionable, Accurate, and Ready Data – Establishing a Strong Governance Framework

Laying a solid foundation – ensuring well maintained data that is constantly ready for use. Realizing consistency across business lines and geographies. Balancing strong governance with the need to enable innovation.

Discussion Group 1C: Identifying and Eliminating Inefficiencies Through Data

Generating insights that reduce Inefficiencies in your business processes. How can we use data to cut costs in finance, operations, sales, and other business functions? Data as a profit-center, not cost-center – demonstrating ROI.

Discussion Group 1D: Stimulating Industry Innovation – Using Data to Identify New Business Models

Disrupting the market by making the most out of your data to create new business models. Evaluating ideas and opportunities, using your data as your guide. Leveraging cognitive technologies to seek out new opportunities.

Discussion Group Session 2

12.15pm- 1.00pm

Discussion Group 2A: Cementing Your Place in the C-Suite through Quick Wins and Long Term Goals

Winning credibility in the early days through quick wins from long-hanging fruit. Moving beyond the early days and securing your role by delivering on long term goals. Avoiding the risk of CDAOs being a ‘flash in the pan’ – what do we need to do?

Discussion Group 2B: We Always Deliver! Packaging Data For Internal & External Use

Meeting demands – consistent data packaged perfectly for regulatory agencies. Ensuring that data is always accessible for use by internal stakeholders and exploring hybrid Data Management options. Preparing data for use by external partners.

Discussion Group 2C: Drive-Thru Data – Self Service Data Discovery and Insights

Empowering internal stakeholders to self-serve their analytics needs. In data we trust – getting others to trust the data, not their gut. Inspiring people to understand progress through regular benchmarking.

Discussion Group 2D: Data-Driven Interactions to Keep your Customers Coming Back

Creating new and distinctive customer experiences from your own and open source data. Getting personal – wowing customers through personalization. No more waiting – implementing real-time decisioning.

1.00pm- 2.00pm

Buffet Lunch & Networking

Discussion Group Session 3

2.00pm- 2.45pm

Discussion Group 3A: Winning Business Internally, and Leading Your Organization to Data-Centricity

Creating a compelling case for change – getting the urgency, buy-in and commitment you need. Identifying needs of internal clients and using data to empower them. Selling your services – overcoming scepticism by demonstrating value through case studies, testing, and promotion.

Discussion Group 3B: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility – Creating a Unified Governance Strategy

From data users to data stewards – Convincing colleagues of the importance of high quality data. Developing realistic policies that are simple to follow. Entrenching data stewardship as business-as-usual across all verticals within your business.

Discussion Group 3C: Boost the Bottom Line – Opportunities for Growth Hidden in your Data

Using data to capitalize on new business opportunities. Discover trends and patterns that uncover opportunities for growth using predictive analytics. Growing your customer base with personalized experiences.

Discussion Group 3D: Getting Smart on Product Development

Creating data-driven products that will have lasting impact. Embedding cognitive functionality into applications and products. How can we best capitalize on IoT when devising new products?

Discussion Group Session 4

2.45pm- 3.30pm

Discussion Group 4A: Winning the Battle for Resources – Ensuring Data is an Investment Priority

How to convince your CEO, CFO, and others of the need for investment in your organization’s data program. Securing budget in the long term, but clearly demonstrating ROI on previous investments. Working to embed a data focused culture in your organization’s leadership and allowing you to reap the financial rewards.

Discussion Group 4B: Exploiting the Explosion of Data Sources Whilst Maintaining Order

Ensuring well managed data, regardless of source. Meeting the integration challenge – linking up disparate data sources. Are we ready for IoT? Exploring the governance steps required.

Discussion Group 4C: Communicating and Speaking a Foreign Language? Utilizing Data Translators

Overcoming the divide between number crunchers and decision makers. When Unicorns don’t exist, how can we use ‘data translators’ as a bridge? An expert in communication – translating findings to impact on the business using Data Visualization tools.

Discussion Group 4D: Rise of the Marketing Machines? Boosting your Marketing Efforts with Machine Learning

Overcoming the data deluge – automation through Machine Learning. Using advanced analytics techniques for Segmentation & Personalization to maximize impact. The power of prediction – estimating churn and forecasting customer life-time value.

3.30pm- 4.00pm

Afternoon Tea & Networking

4.00pm- 4.45pm

Keynote Panel: Nurturing the Next Generation – Building the Pipeline of Talent to Overcome Shortages in the Long Term

The current shortage of data and analytics talent is much discussed, but what actions should the CDAO community take now in order to mitigate this in future years? How can we use internal training to up-skill employees, and bred the data and analytics talent of the future within our own organizations? Discussing approaches to developing… Read more.

Genevy Dimitrion
SVP, Chief Data Steward - State Street
Wendy Butler Curtis
Head of Practice Analytics & Service Innovations - Orrick

4.45pm- 5.30pm

Keynote Panel: Delivering on the Promise of Data & Analytics – Providing Real Value to your Organization and Demonstrating Return on Investment

How to prioritize offensive, value-driven strategies to deliver on innovation whilst ensuring defensive duties are discharged, featuring real-life uses of Client 360, Metadata Generation and Trust. Finding value when the low hanging fruit has all been eaten – where to turn for long term, sustainable results to out-compete your competitors. Communicating the impact of the… Read more.

John Ahrendt
SVP, Enterprise Data & Analytics - Wells Fargo
Eric Monteiro
Chief Analytics & Engineering Officer - Sun Life Financial

5.30pm- 5.45pm

IBM Wrap-Up

Inderpal Bhandari
Global Chief Data Officer - IBM
Caitlin (Halferty) Lepech
Client Engagement Executive, IBM Chief Data Office - IBM

5.45pm- 7.00pm

Networking Drinks Reception


End of Day

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